Ara Ake hosted a “Decarbonising Aviation” webinar on Wednesday 12 June, following the publication of our report, “Transitioning to low emissions domestic aviation in New Zealand: A detailed technical options analysis”, earlier in the year.

The webinar provided:

  • An overview of domestic aviation emissions and the technical options - and their challenges - to reduce them, including green hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and batteries for powering aircraft across the domestic network.
  • Air New Zealand’s decarbonisation targets and strategies were outlined, such as their net zero 2050 target and the five decarbonisation levers.
  • The role of the NZ Airports Association was discussed, alongside airports' efforts to reduce their own emissions and provide infrastructure to support industry decarbonisation.
  • Wellington Airport's sustainability strategy was covered, as well as learnings from their hydrogen trial and the airport’s role in the NZ Next Gen Aircraft Project.
  • A concluding note of confidence from NREL on how efficiency gains can help aviation reduce emissions and costs, setting the sector up well for future decarbonisation progress.

See the recording below, along with the speakers' presentations.


Dr Jono Barnard, Ara Ake

Dr Jono Barnard, Research and Insights Manager at Ara Ake, presented the findings and insights from Ara Ake’s recent paper “Transitioning to low emissions domestic aviation in New Zealand: A detailed technical options analysis.”

Jacob Snelgrove, Air New Zealand

Jacob Snelgrove, Senior Sustainability Manager - Next Generation Aircraft at Air New Zealand, presented on Air New Zealand’s decarbonisation strategy, targets and their Next Generation Aircraft programme.

Billie Moore, New Zealand Airports Association

Billie Moore, Chief Executive at New Zealand Airports Association, presented on the New Zealand Airports Association and how innovation pilots will support the build out of low emissions energy carrier infrastructure at NZ airports.

Georgina Blane, Wellington Airport

Georgina Blane, Sustainability Manager at Wellington Airport, presented on Wellington Airport’s decarbonisation strategy and their hydrogen trial.

Scott Cary, Project Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

Scott Cary, Project Manager – Research and Sustainable Aviation Lead at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA, presented on NREL’s work concerning decarbonising aviation and provided us with international insights in respect to the pathways and collaboration required between the aviation and energy sectors to transition aviation to a low emissions future.

Transitioning to low emissions domestic aviation in New Zealand

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This report reviews the technical options of green hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuel and electrochemical batteries to decarbonise domestic aviation in New Zealand, and elaborates on the challenges associated with each low emissions alternative.