Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage

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Ara Ake is conducting a study to better understand the concept, research stage and potential applications of CCUS in New Zealand.

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CCUS report to be published

Many countries are reviewing the potential applications of carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS). These technologies aim to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by capturing, transporting, and using it in industrial and fuel transformation processes or storing it in an underground reservoir.

Ara Ake is conducting a study aimed to provide a better understanding of the concept, research stage and the potential applications in New Zealand. The report comprises several aspects such as: potential emissions reductions from CCUS, technologies currently developed and applied globally, how CCUS may be applied in New Zealand (utilisation opportunities and New Zealand’s capacity to store CO2), the economics of CCUS, Māori views of CCUS and current barriers to the introduction of CCUS in New Zealand.

The report is currently undergoing internal review stages, and will be peer-reviewed and published in the coming weeks.

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