Azura Wave Energy (Azura) is a New Plymouth-based company with a patented technology that can produce potable water, energy, or both from a single unit whilst contributing zero emissions.

Azura is an efficient, enduring, grid-enabled wave energy unit that extracts power from both the heave (vertical) and surge (horizontal) motions of waves to maximise energy capture. The unit also produces desalinated water to complement offshore wind farms and support isolated utilities or remote island nations.

The Azura team met with Ara Ake in early 2021 to pitch their idea. From there, we worked together and provided tailored support to help address the barriers to getting traction with their investment. This support helped to increase their market knowledge of potential customers and competitors, improved skills within their business, particularly in promotion and pitching.

Beyond pitching support, we have demonstrated our value as a partner organisation providing insights and guidance.

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Armin Howard - Project Operations Manager, Azura Wave Energy

"Ara Ake has provided Azura Wave Energy with invaluable guidance and direction in formulating and articulating a market proposition leading to the compilation of a pitch deck, designed to meet the expectations of the investment community.”

Our support has enabled Azura to

Increase skills in the business particularly in relation to marketing the business and product.

Find new partners to collaborate and connect with, including international stakeholders.

Convert their existing business case into an attractive and credible investment opportunity.