Ara Ake is facilitating a Multiple Trading Relationships (MTR) pilot that aims to introduce more competition in the energy sector, making electricity cheaper for customers, helping reduce energy hardship and allowing for greater uptake of low emissions energy technology, such as solar.

In this case, Ara Ake launched a project under this pilot supporting a Hawke’s Bay farmer, Greg Wilson, to utilise his surplus electricity from his solar installations to power all of his connection points on his farm, and his mother-in-law’s house in a different location.

The pilot will evaluate if MTR is sufficiently valuable (i.e., demonstrates long-term benefit for electricity customers, and commercial prospects of new business models) to justify a change of the Electricity Industry Participation Code (the Code), which currently does not allow for this. Additionally, the pilot will provide insights into any risks and constraints that may impact negatively on the electricity market if MTR was allowed for under the Code.

Electricity Retailers, Our Energy and Flick Electric, are providing the services to progress the off-market demonstration.

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Greg Wilson and his solar installation that currently powers his irrigation pump

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John Campbell - Founder - Our Energy

“It’s great to get a real-world demonstration underway and we hope this is the beginning of a more accessible model for local and community energy trading.

There are many opportunities to explore this innovative concept further, and we look forward to working with Ara Ake on these so we can enable our communities to have a sustainable future.”

Our support has enabled electricity customers, such as Greg Wilson, to:

Make the most of surplus electricity from distributed energy resources, such as solar.

Demonstrate the benefits of multiple trading relationships for other customers.