Purpose of the FlexForum

The goal of the FlexForum (the Group) is to create ‘A set of actions to integrate distributed energy resources (DER) into the electricity system and markets to maximise the benefits for Aotearoa New Zealand’.

To achieve this goal, the Group will deliver three objectives (key deliverables described below) using an approach which is transparent and aims to builds a broad consensus across the electricity sector and other interests.

The Group will also work to build capacity and capability across the electricity sector to implement the set of actions to integrate DER to maximise the benefits for Aotearoa New Zealand’.


FlexForum Interactions Map v2

DER Workstream Interaction Map

This is where FlexForum sits in the DER space

Key Deliverables

The Group will deliver on three Objectives to maximise the benefits of DER for Aotearoa New Zealand:

1. identify the minimum specifications of the services that DER can provide, to who, when, where, how and for how much

2. identify the practical, scalable, and no regrets steps to use the services that DER can provide

3. support ongoing learning and collaboration across the electricity sector on real world deployment of solutions to realise the benefits of DER, including identifying and resolving barriers.

Decisions regarding the deliverables and outputs of the Group will be by consensus.

FlexForum Webinar

The FlexForum webinar took place on 4 May 2022, and you can watch the recording below.

FlexForum initial...

FlexForum Overview

View or download the FlexForum overview of how flexibility will play a role in New Zealand's electricity future. Please provide your feedback in the form below.

FlexForum webinar presentation

FlexForum Webinar Presentation

View or download the FlexForum Webinar Presentation.

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FlexForum Terms of Reference

This document describes the terms of reference for the FlexForum, “the Group”, the background to the Group, and expectations of Group members. The FlexForum is governed and funded by its members.

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