ENERGY EXCELLENCE AWARDS Innovation in Energy Award web

The 2023 New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards, held at Te Pae in Christchurch, celebrated outstanding achievements in the energy sector, recognising achievements across the energy sector. With nearly 700 attendees, these annual awards demonstrated the industry’s commitment to celebrating innovation and progress within the sector.

The awards showcased advancements in technology and their practical applications across several categories.

One of the evening's highlights was the Innovation in Energy award, sponsored by Ara Ake, presented to solarZero for an industry-first achievement: the utilisation of a vast network of distributed batteries to provide ancillary support to the wholesale market.

“We are proud to sponsor the Innovation in Energy Award, which featured some impressive contenders. Congratulations to solarZero for demonstrating dedication on the path towards a sustainable, equitable and resilient energy future,” says Ara Ake chief executive, Dr Cristiano Marantes.

By mid-2024 solarZero expects 15,000+ of its systems to be enrolled to offer reserves, providing up to 80 megawatts of reserves capacity.

Other award winners, Fonterra, Ecogas, Unison Networks and Transpower, Top Energy, Ecotricity, The Lines Company, Contact Energy, and Northpower.

“The Awards were a great opportunity to celebrate the vision, dedication, and collaborative spirit that drive progress in the energy sector. We look forward to continuing our support toward the Innovation in Energy Award again at the 2024 Energy Excellence Awards,” says Dr Marantes.

About the finalists of the Innovation in Energy Award

Finalists of the Innovation in Energy Award spanned an impressive array of innovations, including solarZero's remarkable achievement. Additionally, Genesis Energy's "EVerywhere," a product unveiled in September 2022, offers exclusive variable energy rates for its customers with EVs. This innovation can potentially lead to savings up to 70% ChargeNet EV charging network.

The collaborative efforts of Transpower, the Electricity Authority, and NZX were also recognised. By enabling consumers to make real-time energy consumption decisions based on real-time pricing, this initiative is poised to mitigate demand peaks, reduce price volatility, and expedite Aotearoa New Zealand's transition to a low-emissions energy future.