New Zealand’s journey to a low-emissions energy future has begun.

Every day we have pathways in front of us; choices to make. Today we are tasked with making vital choices to protect and care for our land and environment. It is our home. It nurtures us. Our people are born of the land and through it, all relationships are connected. As it was passed to us, so must we see it endure for those who come next.

Ara Ake will accelerate New Zealand’s transition to a low-emissions energy future through advancing the development of low-emissions energy innovation. Ara Ake’s area of impact is the demonstration and commercialisation stage of the energy innovation lifecycle. Through our network of local and global connections, we identify opportunities and technology with change-making potential and collaborate with the right expertise, infrastructure and capital to develop, test and commercialise low-emissions energy solutions.

Together, we are not just safeguarding our future, we are shaping it.

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Our name

Our name

Onwards and upwards! Our name - Ara Ake – is formed from two separate words coming together to represent new pathways to be explored on a continuous journey forward. It is a call to awaken and understand that change is normal.

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Low energy homes
Taranaki - the heart of New Zealand’s energy sector