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Ara Ake calls for participants to sign up to their first multiple trading relationships pilot in Aotearoa

Ara Ake is now seeking participants to join their multiple trading relationships (MTR) pilot. A world-first pilot that offers individuals and businesses more choice and flexibility when it comes to managing their electricity.

Ara Ake partners with South Island Hydro generators and international start-up, Wegaw, to commence a collaborative project in New Zealand

South Island hydro generators Contact Energy, Meridian Energy and Genesis Energy have agreed to be involved in a collaborative research project, with the aim of improving their water management and forecasting in their South Island snow-fed catchments.

Ara Ake and Singapore-based EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy partner to facilitate the deployment of energy innovation demonstration ‘testbeds’ in Aotearoa

Ara Ake is pleased to announce a partnership with EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy at Nanyang Technological University (Ecolabs) to facilitate the establishment of ‘real world’ technology demonstration sites...

Ara Ake holds a workshop for the long-distance heavy freight total cost of ownership tool users

Today Ara Ake hosted an online workshop to share learnings from the free tool launched in July, which helps long-distance heavy freight companies and the public sector better understand the options for decarbonising their road fleet.