We support innovators to commercialise their energy solutions by offering a range of tailored services and providing a pathway to success.

We support New Zealand energy innovators by offering the following services


Project management

Field demonstration

Capability development

Regulatory guidance

Global partnerships

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Ara Ake is focused on supporting energy innovators with viable decarbonisation solutions to commercialise quickly, for the benefit of all New Zealanders. View some case studies (below) of innovators who have been working with Ara Ake.

Winter Peak Innovation Pilot

This report highlights the learnings and insights gained from the Winter Peak Innovation Pilot. The pilot sought to demonstrate that distributed energy resources in the form of residential solar batteries can be dispatched into the electricity market to address winter peak events where the forecast capacity residual is tight.

Electricity Distribution Business (EDB) Challenge

Ara Ake collaborated with 8 electricity distribution businesses (EDBs) to help transition New Zealand towards an equitable, secure, and decarbonised energy future by undertaking a global search for innovators with the technology solutions.

Empower Energy

Empower Energy is a Charitable Trust that aims to address energy affordability by sharing surplus renewable energy with those in need.


Emrod is an Auckland-based company re-imagining the movement of energy and overcoming the limitations of power line infrastructure with their long distance wireless power beaming solution


The goal of the FlexForum is to create a set of actions to integrate distributed energy resources into the electricity system and markets to maximise the benefits for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Multiple Trading Relationships

The multiple trading relationships concept is a form of innovation that aims to provide a customer with the option to contract with more than one supplier to receive or supply a subset of electricity services (including consumption, generation, demand response and other third-party provider services) at an ICP.