Emrod is an Auckland-based company re-imagining the movement of energy and overcoming the limitations of power line infrastructure with their long distance wireless power beaming solution.

Emrod has developed a technology to unlock the utility of long-range wireless power transfer for commercial purposes. Their system is designed to safely send large amounts of power across long distances. After delivering a successful proof of concept system, Emrod developed a larger demonstration system which they have tested in an indoor environment. They are now ready to  demonstrate it in an outdoor and ‘real world’ environment.

The Emrod team connected with Ara Ake in early 2021, and we have been supporting them to get closer to the wireless electricity outdoor demonstration. We have supported the development of the outdoor demonstration project. We have enabled them to complete this key milestone in Taranaki through locating a site and connecting them with local stakeholders.

Powerco are supporting Emrod to test their technology in an off-grid environment, with the long-term objective of using Emrod’s system as a technology to complement their existing infrastructure.

The wireless technology will:

  • Improve network resilience and prevent power outages
  • Make renewable energy more accessible and efficient
  • Empower communities by offering those most in need access to sustainable energy
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Emrod Prototype; Greg Kushnir; Ray Simpkin

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Greg Kushnir - Founder & CEO, Emrod

"We are thrilled to have Ara Ake as a partner for Emrod’s first field deployment, alongside our industry partner, Powerco. Emrod’s system is a first of its kind wireless power transfer solution poised to transform the energy industry. Our progress is underpinned by the willingness of industry and government partners to come on board early to support the development and demonstration of this technology. Ara Ake has played an important role in supporting the demonstration of Emrod’s system in the field.

As well as providing financial support, Ara Ake helped with some of the requirements for making the deployment successful, including finding the location, and facilitated relationships to set up our next milestone. We value their commitment to driving forward energy innovation from New Zealand and the resources they have available to ensure our project is successful."

Our support has enabled Emrod to

Locate a site for their first outdoor demonstration.

Connect with Powerco to enable the off-grid environment demonstration.

Showcase their innovative technology in Taranaki.